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We are the #1 choice for all your favorite jams on the internet. We provide the best internet source of music in R&B, Jazz, Blues, Carribbean, Gospel, Neo-Soul and the Classics. Feel free to click on the "LISTEN LIVE" button to tune in or browse around to view our radio personalities to become familiar with our website. Spread the word to your friends and family about the best music you heard on the internet on Smooth Jams Radio! Thank you for visiting.

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The Mid-Day Mix Feat. Dj Mad Mike 

Weekdays 12noon est.


Our Podcast Lineup:


The Bedroom: Sundays 10pm

The Good Ol Boys: Mondays 6pm

The Heavy Storm Show Monday night 10pm est.

The Sharvette Mithchell Show: Fridays 8am

The Weekly Word: Fridays 9am

The Jasmine Love Show: Fridays 10am

Xperience Unplugged: Saturdays 5am & Sundays 9am est.

SoundTraxx: Saturdays 12noon est.

Al Walser's Weekly Top 20: Fridays 12 Midnight

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We have the internet's best music programing to serve you the best and we are open anytime you tune in.


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Welcome "SoundTraxx feat. Mark Stanley"

Mar 14, 2015
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Smooth Jams Radio On Facebook

Feb 28, 2015
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Smooth Jams Radio Update

Feb 28, 2015
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